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Optimizing the Trades

Cutting-edge AI and automation solutions for the service trades.

Stop wasting time on tech frustrations. We're here to help.

Our simple, powerful microservices enhance your existing CRM, making it work better for you.

With our expert guidance, you'll get the most out of your technology and get back to what really matters–delivering exceptional service.

We integrate with the best of the best.

How We Empower Service Trades

Unlocking Efficiency with Our All-in-One Solution

Self-service AI and automation tools at your fingertips. A team of seasoned experts to guide you on your journey. Personalized custom development solutions at your disposal. We have all you need to take your tech to the next level.

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Our Custom Development Studio

Our expert developers create custom software solutions, enhance CRMs, automate processes, and ensure clean data to help all your systems work smoothly together and make your business more efficient.

Client Testimonials

Why Service Trades Trust Us

"If you want to grow, you want to scale, there's no better way to do that than through the help of The Graphite Lab and automation and AI in general. It can save you so much more time than you think."

Discover how our solutions have empowered service trades professionals to streamline operations and deliver exceptional service experiences.


Mike Fish

Business Manager

Blue Jay Irrigation

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